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Window Film FAQs

How long does it take to complete a vehicle?

3-4 hours for a basic sedan. Windshield strips, quarter windows and sunroofs add time to the job.

What if I notice imperfections in my window tint after it is done?

95% of the time it is just water that needs to dry. If after 2 weeks and you are still noticing imperfections, please call us to correct.

What does my lifetime warranty cover?

It covers bubbling, pealing or color changes in the tint. The warranty does not cover damage done to the film such as break ins, getting scratched from rings or seat belts, or wiping film down with something abrasive, care does need to be taken with your film.

What is the Wisconsin State Law?

Wisconsin State Law is on the front 2 windows 50% is allowed and the back windows 35% is allowed.

Can items be left in my trunk?

If you have any items that should not get water dripped on, please remove them ahead of time. We do not want to be liable for any valuable items getting damaged.

How long do I need to wait before I can roll down my windows?

You can roll windows down after day 3.

Can the film be removed?

Yes. Depending the type of film installed this can be easily done. Older films can take some work to remove. Rear windows need to be done with care-but there is always the risk of defrost lines being damaged.

What can I clean the windows with?

Use any glass cleaner and use only soft paper towels.

What if I have child seats in the back of my vehicle?

It is helpful to remove the seats prior to your appointment. If that is not possible we will remove them during the appointment. Please allow time to re-install them when picking up your vehicle. This only pertains to (non hatch) type vehicles when getting the rear window tinted.

Paint Protection Film FAQs

How long do I need to drop off my car for Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Cars get dropped off between 8 and 8:30 am and need to be kept overnight. Cars are generally picked up the following day around 9 am.

Do you wrap edges?

In most cases, yes. Some patterns do not allow us to. This would be discussed before your appointment.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare my car for PPF?

Vehicles should be washed and any ceramic or environmental coating needs to be removed before installation of PPF.

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